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D.E.K.A. Siaw

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Phone: +233-208154871
Department: Land Reclamation and Rehabilitation (Head Of Department )
Office: Vice-Dean FFRT
Address: Department of Land Reclamation and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Forest Resources Technology, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana

Brief history

DrD.E.K.A. Siaw is a lecturer and head of department of the Department of Land Reclamation & Rehabilitation, Faculty Of Forest Resources Technology. He has BSc and PhD degrees in the Forest Resources Management

  • 1989: Ph.D., Silviculture and Forest Management, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Thesis Title: Alley Cropping for sustainable crop production on an Alfisol using combinations of the woody species Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit and Acioabarteri.
  • 1984: M.Sc. Forest Resources Management – University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria (Silviculture and Forest Biology) – Thesis Title: Nutrients content and calorific values of the bark and wood of some  woody species.
  • 1978: B.Sc. (Hons) Botany with Zoology, University of Ghana (UG), Legon-Accra, Ghana. Thesis Title: The varieties of Grewiacarpinifolia Juss. (Tiliaceae).
  • 1968-1975: Adisadel College, Cape Coast

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Major responsibilities

  • Vice dean of the faculty of Forest resources technology
  • Head of Department of Land Reclamation and Rehabilitation
  • Head of Department of Social Forestry
  • Patron of Forest Resources Technology Students Association (FORTSA)
  • Senior Presbyter (Presbyterian church of Ghana, Anwomaso District)


Undergraduate courses

  • LRR 359: Land Reclamation I
  • LRR 361: Land Degradation
  • LRR 353: Forest Nursery Management
  • LRR 360: Land Reclamation II
  • LRR 356: Plantation Silvilculture
  • SOF 466: Forest Recreation
  • LRR 352: Tree Breeding and Genetics
  • LRR 358: Ergonomics and Work Study
  • SOF 360: Biomass Energy production
  • LRR 454: Ecological Restoration
  • Student thesis

Research interest

Researcher in Plantation Silviculture, Forest Nursery Development and Management,  Forest Roads Construction and Maintenance, Ergonomics, Forest Pathology and Entomology and  Applied Systematics.

Current research

  • Assessing the effectiveness of vegetative ground cover on erosion control
  • Plant diversity assessment at the bamboo waste dump site of Gold fields, Tarkwa Mines
  • Impact of illegal mining (Galamsey) on the Mansi river, a tributary of Ankobra river at Prestea/Himan area.
  • Assessment of natural regeneration, diversity and distribution of forest tree species on a disturbed and undisturbed area in Bonsa Forest Reserve, Ghana
  • Utilization and stocking of Borassus aethiopum in three communities in the Volta region of Ghana.

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Siaw D.E.K.A., Asamoah, E.F. and Wisdom Aklamati (2015) Biochar adsorbtion of heavy metal irons from mine jailings. Asian Academic Research Journal of Multidisciplinary(AARJMD) Vol. issue 32:243 – 260. ISSN:2 319-2801. April. 2015.
  • Siaw D.E.K.A., Owusu-Prempeh, N., Asare, A., Duodu, C. and Akoto-Sarfo(2014) performance of termanalia superba and triplochiton scleroxylon seedlings under different forest canopy. Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Magt.(JENRM). Vol 1(2):98-105 ISSN 2026-6189
  • Siaw,. D.E.K.A., Asamoah, E.F., and Baidoo, G.A. (2014). Stock and socio-economic uses of Borassus Acthiopum in Abrimasu Forest Reserve of Mampong Forest District. JENRM 1(3):1-5
  • Apetorgbor, M.M., and Siaw D.E.K.A. (2013) Involvement of local communities in nursery establishment and practices for plantation development in southern Ghana.Gh.J. For 29:34-40
  • Abebrese I. K, Nutakor E and Siaw D.E.K.A.  (2007) Indigenous Fruits Utilization in Semi-Arid Zones: A Baseline study in a Savannah Environment in Ghana. Ghana Journal of Forestry. Vol. 21 and 22: p 39-49
  • Apetorgbor M. M, Siaw D.E.K.A and Gyimah A. (2003). Decline of Ceiba pentandra seedlings, a tropical timber species, in nurseries and plantations. Ghana J. Forestry. Vol. 11 (2): 51-62.
  • Asibey E. O and Siaw D.E.K.A (1999). Environmentally Beneficial Forest Planatation Development in sub-Saharan Africa with special reference to Ghana. Intl. Forestry Review 1 (3): 169 – 176
  • Nsahlai I.V, Siaw D.E.K.A and Umunna N.N (1995). Inter-relationships between chemical constitutes, in Rumen dry matter and nitrogen degradability on fresh leaves of multipurpose trees. Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture 69:235-246
  • Nsahlai I.V, Siaw D.E.K.A and Osuji P.O. (1994). The relationship between gas production and chemical composition of 23 browses of the genus Sesbania.  The Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture. 65: 13-20.
  • Siaw D.E.K.A, Osuji P.O and Nsahlai I.V. (1993). Evaluation of multipurpose tree (MPT) gerplasm: the use of gas production and rumen degradation characteristics. J. Agric. Sci. (Camb.) 120:319-330.
  • Siaw D.E.K.A, Kang B.T and Okali, D.U.U. (1991): Alley Cropping with Leucaena  leucaephala  (Lam.) de Wit and AcioaBarteri for Sustainable crop production. Agroforestry systems 14: 219-231
  • Hall J.B and Siaw D.E.K.A. (1980). The varieties of Grewia carpinifolia Juss. (Tiliaceae), Adansonia ser 220 (3): 339-347.

Appointments/Employment Records & Positions Held

  • February 1979 – September, 1979: National Service Personnel Forestry Department, Accra.
  • 1st October, 1979 – September 1982: Assistant Conservator of Forests, Forestry Department, Daboasi – Ghana.
  • August 1989 – September 1992: Post doctoral Associate, International Livestock Research Institute, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • 1992 – 2005 Senior Research Scientist. Forestry Research Institute of Ghana (FORIG). (CSIR), Kumasi.
  • September 2005 to date; Lecturer – FFRT, KNUST.
  • September 2014 to date ; Head of department Land Reclamation and Rehabilitation
  • September 2014 to date ; Vice Dean FFRT