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Collins Ayine Nsor

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Phone: : +233 20 960 6898 
Department: Ecotourism & Forest Recreation
Office: Faculty of Forest Resources Technology
Office Hours: 8 – 5 pm
Address: Department of Ecotourism & Forest Recreation
Faculty of Forest Resources Technology,KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana

Brief History

Dr. Nsor is a young man who has the passion for ecological and climate research. He recently joined the Faculty of Forest Resources Technology, as a lecturer, since January, 2016. He trained as an Aquatic Ecologist, with emphasis on the application of multivariate statistical techniques, to determine key anthropogenic drivers of change influencing plant, fish and bird spatial distribution and diversity across landscape scales. He has used geographical shift range approach to monitor plant species movement from terrestrial into aquatic systems. Nsor worked extensively on wetlands in South Africa and Northern Savannah ecosystems of Ghana. Nsor also seek to understand trait-environment links in wetland vegetation in different biomes. He obtained his Ph.D. in Aquatic Science at the University of Cape Coast in 2013.

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Major Responsibilities

  • Teaching, Research and undertaking community service.
  • I undertake intensive tutorials, in a bid to deepen students understanding of concepts, as well as counsel them in their personal growth into becoming responsible and patriotic citizens.


Undergraduate Courses:

  • SOF 154; Statistics for Natural Resources
  • EFR 264; Wildlife Biology
  • EFR 352; Applied Systematics II
  • EFR 354; Environmental Interpretation and Mapping

Graduate Courses: (Under development)

Research Interests

  • Community ecology, with special emphasis on plant ecology, fish ecology and bird population/habitat preference in Savannah ecosystems
  • Ecological modelling
  • Wetland functional status (Wet-health)
  • Functional trait (plant trait-environment links)
  • Flora distribution across landscapes

Current Research

  • Analysis of climate change impact on precipitation in Northern Region of Ghana: Implication on wetlands hydrological regimes


  • Samuel boadi, Collins Ayine Nsor, Osei Owusu antobre, Emmanuel Acquah 2016. An Analysis of illegal mining on the Offin shelterbelt forest reserve,Ghana: Implications on community livelihood.
  • Collins Ayine Nsor and Edward Adzesiwor Obodai, 2016. Environmental Determinants Influencing Fish Community Structure and Diversity in Two Distinct Seasons among Wetlands of Northern Region (Ghana). International Journal of Ecology, vol. 2016:10. Hindawi Publishing Corporation.
  • C. A. Nsor, Emmanuel Acquah, and Clifford A. Braimah. 2016. Seasonal Dynamics of Physico-chemical Characteristics in Wetlands of Northern Region (Ghana): Implications on the Functional Status. International Journal of Aquatic Science, 7(1): 39-49.
  • C. A. Nsor, 2015. Determinants of Aquatic Plant Community Structure, Diversity and Distribution in Wetlands of Northern Region (Ghana). Global Journal of Science and Frontiers Research, 15(1): 31-41.
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  • C. A. Nsor and Edward Adzesiwor Obodai. 2014. “Environmental Determinants Influencing Seasonal Variations of Bird Diversity and Abundance in Wetlands, Northern Region (Ghana),” International Journal of Zoology. Vol. 2014, Article ID 548401, 10 pages, 2014.
  • C. ANsor, E. A. Obodai and J. Blay. 2014. Factors influencing the range shift of plant species in wetlands, Northern Region (GHANA). Journal of Annals of Experimental Biology, 2014, 2 (2):23-33.
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  • E.A. Obodai and C.A. Nsor. 2009. Aspects of biodiversity and fish production in the Kukobila wetland in the Savelugu-Nanton District of the Northern Region of Ghana. B.Sc. Thesis. Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management, vol. 2 (3):56-62.

Conference Presentations and Workshop

  • Alhassan, E. H. and C. A. Nsor. Indigenous conservation approach to Inland wetlands of Northern Ghana. The Fifth International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative (IPSI) Global Conference (IPSI-5) Room, Hall G. The Alpensia Convention Centre, Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea, 4th – 5th October. 2014 (Paper presented).

Appointments/Employment Records & Positions Held

  • Lecturer, Faculty of Forest Resources Technology, KNUST, Kumasi (January, 2016 to date)